We are industry professionals and nature lovers. These tours are done not just to show the wild but to educate our guests of the important role nature plays, we believe in conservation and when we are not at work our hobby is to return back to our campsite for our own little peace.

Our two main guides are:

Chris Perera: Raised in the jungles of Kumana, Chris has the know how and insight to what nature has to offer. His lifelong experience brings a world of knowledge about the jungles of Sri Lanka and growing up within the jungles Chris has mastered the art of wilderness interactions, survival, extensive knowledge base, professional customer service with over 30 years experience and an exclusive eye to camping. He and has the ability to show you the jungles from the perspective of the wilderness.

Shirley Perera: Shirley's jungle life began as a Park Ranger in Kumana and his career spanned all the way to becoming the deputy director for National Parks and Wildlife. His knowledge base is second to none about Sri Lanka and his career continues today with his son as he takes you through the jungles of Sri Lanka. Shirley has not only named some birds of Sri Lanka but he knows the history and science behind the flora and fauna this island protects. Shirley "Uncle Shirley" as he is known by nature can lead you through a historical experience of Sri Lanka while using stars and tree stumps as guides for treks.


All of us at Xtreme who await your arrival into the jungles none other than the owners of the company and when required industry professional sourced within the known community of naturalists. They have created their own expertise ranging from birds, butterflies, snakes to the geography of the jungles including rivers, caves, stars and furthermore almost every guide have knowledge of 4 wheel driving and the off track survival. Our current guides are chosen for their enthusiasm, safety and love of nature and people. They not only guide our guests but share their experiences and stories which make for a wonderful starlit experience over dinner and drinks.

We trust in our guides experience and knowledge, this simply means safety. Our guides are there through the pure love for nature and have every intention of protecting the wilderness. This simply means that they will not only show you the pure essence of nature but will guide you within their protective reach so that not only you can enjoy the wild but the wild can also enjoy you.