Tina &Harshini - Sri Lanka


This was exactly the experience I had hoped for. Besides the Bears, Leopards, Elephants and birds that we encountered, we had so many adventures that added to the experience. Chris is most probably one of the best Operators/Guides I have seen. Driving around the park with him was an absolute pleasure. His exclusive knowledge, amazingly skillful driving and explanations were valuable learning lessons.

Raja, Dharme and Nimal were wonderful helpers with their cooking, etc...

Finally Uncle Shirley , the icing on the cake, I will leave you to experience.....

Loved our time at Kumana, and would do it again in a heartbeat....

Tina & Harshini.

Lucy Wraith & Minty - United Kingdom


Thank you so much for making my last few days here and Minty's first few days here so incredible. We had so much fun and saw some truly beautiful and amazing things in the most stunning locations. The campsite was perfect and the food was out of this world good. We are so grateful for hearing  all of  your fantastic stories and making us feel like rest of the family. we will be Back!!!.....Lucy Wraith.

What a wonderful and magical place this is!! 5 Stars is an understatement, This has been the most brilliant way to start my holiday. Everything Lucy said, we have had the best time so.. Thank You. Hope to see you soon for more great company, Stories, Food and animal friends.....Minty.

Denae Kobacker - United States


Dearest Chris, Shirley and Crew,

I write this overlooking the peaceful flowing river and listening to the joyous sound of birds and insects. It is our last morning in this intimate camp. Thank you for providing us with a unique unforgettable experience for us. The food was spectacular and the game drives always presented more to learn about and love.

Best wishes and thanks again,


Denae and James Kobacker.  USA  

Nayantara Fonseka (TARU) - Sri Lanka


Somewhere in early March I was informed that I had to come on some “Xtreme” adventure in a wild place called “Kumana”. I was horrified … at the thought of what is extreme?... No fans , no electricity, no private bathroom, no phones!!!! No luxuries what I look for in a holiday.

The days leading up to the beginning of this adventure friends who know me of think that they know me so well were calling me constantly and asking me if I knew what I was getting myself into and that I would hate it and that I should feign an illness of some sort to get out of this. Now I amjust waiting to get a signal on my phone to call them all to let them know what imbeciles they really are!!


I had the most relaxed holiday I had in such a long time. Rejuvenated  beyond any understanding to take on the world with a new “gusto” BEWARE!!!

All this mainly due to Chris, Indika, and Uncle Shirley ( for his infinite wisdom and memorable stories of the wild) for making this trip an unforgettable experience for me – A converted lover of wild and nature!! For Dharme and Raja for being so attentive to my needs!!

I wish for nothing but the best to the whole team and selfishly I may refrain from spreading the word around for in case Chris and team were to get crowded with bookings that I will not be able to get a toe in!!!

You are and fabulous team and an outfit. I give you 9 out of 10. The 1 short for NO mobile signals!!!

God bless you all and may  you simply grow in your strengths!!!

Nayantara Fonseka (TARU)

Leanna Pieris - Sri Lanka


Chris, Indika, Dharme, Raja,Nimal and the living Legend that is Uncle Shirley-

From the bottom of our hearts  thank you for another “PUKKAH” few days in the wilderness of Kumana.

It was  perfect in every way and I long to return ASAP!!! You are an exceptional team and your Passion for Kumana and her Jungles touches everyone!!!

May Xtreme Nature prosper, and may your blessings double and triple. Thank you again.

With much love from all of us to all of you,


Leanna, Manjula, Anil Cooke, Taru,Tami and theTozer.     Easter Weekend 2016.

Applebanks - Canada


Chris, Shirley and the Crew,

Thank you for the Kumana hospitality.  You are to be congratulated for your service in protecting this vital refuge of Sri lanka’s Extraordinary wildlife, and for making it accessible to people from around the world.

The camping experience was great fun for our family, and it was unforgettable to hear trumpeting Elephants, the mischievous Monkeys and the mysterious Owls in the middle of the night .

Thank you for an delicious meals, a warm welcome and most of all for introducing us to 13 Elephants, 11 marsh Crocodiles, A Leopard, and 21 other species in less than 48 hours!!!.

Applebanks family.  Toronto Canada. 

Dayani Sri Nanadalochana - Sri Lanka


Dear Chris, Uncle Shirley and Team,

Thank you so much for an amazing experience!! Every little detail was thought of.  The food was lovely and the company exceptional.  We really felt at home with you during these 2 days and we really enjoyed hearing Uncle Shirley’s exciting stories.

Looking forward to coming back again.

Dayani, Lucky, Rishi, Prassanna, Devika, sampath &  Sandeep.

Sathy Fonseka - Sri Lanka


Many Thanks for a memorable three nights stay with Chris and his team. I rate my stay here as one of the best ever. Chris and his team surprised us with the best tented safari one could experience in Sri lanka.

The food and accommodation in tents were as good as being in a safari lodge in any country. Accommodation was spotlessly clean and waiting staff were wonderful with their food preparation.

Location by the river is a piece if paradise no doubt. Special mention must be said about Uncle Shirley being around with all his knowledge and experience of the jungle and all creations great and small.

Will be back , very sad to leave.

Shall remain with fond memories,

Best wishes,  Sathy, Shrirleen, Sherome  &  Nadisha.



Sathy - Australia


That was two and a half wonderful days we spent exploring and experiencing the delights of outdoor living in Kumana. Thank you very much Chris and Uncle Shirley for sharing your time and giving us great insights into your life experiences and lovely stories and history of this part of Sri lanka.

Your hospitality was fantastic and your enthusiasm to share your passion of wildlife was extremely infectious making us want to visit this place again and again.

We loved the leopards, loved hearing them growl, loved the birds too.

Makes us want to come back to Sri lanka .Thanks so much. Was a privilege to meet Uncle Shirley.

See you soon and All the best!!                            

Sathy,Nirmaley,Radhini,Randev, & Nick . Austrlia. /  Deshii and Chevi. SL.   

Dhanushka - Sri Lanka


Chris, Shirley, Indika and the team,

Thank you very much for the extraordinary experience and the wonderful hospitality!!! We enjoyed every bit of it and now it’s sad to leave this heavenly site.

The sightings, the location & the food and the staff professionalism was amazing.

Sure enough we will return with our loved ones to give them this amazing experience.

Till we see you again, Thank you, Adios!!

Dhanushka, Kasun, Chathura & Dilan.  

John Shan - Australia


To Chris and his team,

It was an unforgettable experience .

 First sighting of the leopard and then the Charge of the bull Elephant, The Hospitality and the food prepared and presented to us was above our wildest expectations. This has been the highlight of our trip to Sri Lanka.

Hope to see again with more of our friends and family!!!

John Shan, Hari Shan, Chris Wignarajah, & Dylan.  

Peter & Jenny - United Kingdom


What a lovely game park, and a fine campsite. The distant views of the lakes and occasionally the sea were absolutely beautiful as were the close ups of the wonderful birds.

The Delicious food alone made it a memorable visit, together with the incomparable service!!

So far  we had a  close encounter with a slightly annoyed bull elephant, who got a good talking to from Shirley, and a smell of a kill-  and we are confident with couple of more game drives to go the leopards will be there to bid us a fond farwell.

Thanks a lot to all of the team.

Peter & Jenny.  London. 

Christian Hellmark - Sweden


Thank you for this amazing Adventure!!!

Chris and Shirley and the staff made this trip Awesome .

The safaris, the lovely food and your company have been so nice.

We love to come back!!

Many hugs!!

Anne & Christian.  Sweden 

Macathi de Silva - Sri Lanka


I’ve camped in many of our National Parks , But never enjoyed this kind of luxury and attention to detail!! Kind of makes it difficult to go back to the moldy tents we use and the spade and bucket system!!!.

It was also an incredible privilege spend time with Uncle Shirley who has been one of my naturalist hero’s since I was 12!!

A very big Thank you to Chris, Indika, Dharme & Raja for making this trip very special. What can I say I shall definitely be back, will inspire my friends to come and experience the joys of spending time with Xtreme nature Tours.


Macathi de silva.  

len Porter - United Kingdom


Dear Chris, Shirley, Indika and All,

This has been a most wonderful experience, something I can’t believe I’ve waited 32 years for but really worth the wait!!!. Apart from the wildlife experience it has been a real education and I must thank my co-guests for that as well. Caryll and Mala – they have been exceptional company. So thanks Chris for organizing that as well.

So It’s goodbye for the river baths and this amazing place for a little while but I’ll be back soon….as long as the master story teller Shirley is around. It has been a great privilege to meet him.

Good luck to you all and god speed.


Len Porter. U.K.    

Yanik Tissera - Sri Lanka



Chris & Shirley,

Another thrilling adventure with you and the team. Thank you for showing us more of the secrets of Kumana – I fall in love with it more and more every time I see it with you.

Book us in for another post safari excursion next year.

All our Love from Hideaway!!   Yanik, Yhevin, Tavish.                                                                                         P.S. Thanks for waking me up for the leopard through the camp. 

Mahen Amalean. - Sri Lanka


Dear Chris, Shirley and the team.

This was my first wildlife camping adventure. It was really an unforgettable experience. I expected very hard conditions than what I experienced.

Driving in the park and in the morning and the evening was a real experience.

Thank you very much for the superb arrangement right in the middle of the jungle.

Wishing Chris and Shirley all the best.

Mahen Amalean.

Harim Peiris - Sri Lanka


Dear Chris, Uncle Shirley and the team

Wonderful and a memorable experience, everything was excellent!! A real detox for the city folk from the concrete jungle, 

Spotted leopard and bear several times, which was a special treat, Our compliments to the chef and the team.

No one would surpass Uncle Shirley’s expert knowledge. Sure to return and a Big Thank you.

Harim, Radisha, Nivneth and Harsith Peiris.  

Neimat Gunawardena. - United States


Dearest Chris,

Thank you so very much for an unforgettable experience!!  The people , adventure,  location was above and beyond what I was expecting. I thought during my visit, that surfing in Arugambay would be the highlight but it was this trip. It was such a pleasure meeting you , your father and staff , you are all amazing.

Thank you again, I wish you all well and many more awesome safe ventures ahead. God bless.!!!


Best Regards, Neimat Gunawardena. USA

Druvi Perera - Sri Lanka



Dear Chris, Uncle Shirley and the team

Thank you for a wonderful experience. The service and learning from this experience was truly outstanding. We hope to be back sooner than later.

Druvi Perera and family!!