Adam Flamer-Caldera - United States


Dear Chris and Uncle Shirley,

When I am Struggling through the New York Winter and despondent due to the fact that the city pigeons rats are all the wildlife that I encounter on a daily basis, It is thoughts of this place that gets me through the day.

Thank you for yet another amazing adventure. I will be counting down the days until I can return. I have always loved the jungle, But you and your team have found a way to make it even better than it was.

See you soon my friends....

                          Adam, Dirk, Annie and Armand

Nilanthi,Suvendrini,Malathi,Cheryl & Diyanthi - Sri Lanka


Dear Chris, Shirley and the great team,

Thank you so much for the wonderful experience we had as first timers at the camp. We were so comfortable as every detail has been seen to. We thoroughly enjoyed the scenic location and the peace and quiet. Dharme needs special commendation for his food and service with a smile!! Chris's outstanding driving skills took us on routes we can't even imagine.

We had some wonderful sightings of bear, elephants and the icing on the cake was of course the leopard the cub.

Uncle Shirley you were amazing!! We were truly enthralled by your jungle tales.

Thank you so much, We wish you every success in the future


Paul,Izabella,Arlo & maya - United Kingdom


A Splendid two nights under canvas in the wildest setting we have ever experienced, Highlights have been seeing so many birds ( 102 different species so far),giant squirrels, golden jackals,monitor lizards, crocodiles,elephants, buffaloes and a remarkable sloth bear. We have enjoyed seeing the very rare the greater spotted eagle and what appears to be the worlds highest density of malabar pied hornbills.We hope they will be still there for the rest of the dry season.. Thank you for a magical experience that we will never forget.

Ravi Dias - Sri Lanka


What an experience this was?

The Beautiful Location of the camp. The lovely Grasslands amazing scenery were all Fantastic.

The animals of various types roamin in their natural habitat made us absolutely happy. The list of birds we tried to keep count lengthened every day.

But this experience would not have been the same without the unbelievable support & fellowship of Chris, Respected wildlife expert Shirley or Uncle Shirley to many, Marlon and their Team.

Chris and the team attended to every detail actually spoiling us over the last three days.

The efforts on the part of Chris and Marlon in taking us on round after round were  just too nice to describe.

The stories of Uncle Shirley we we would never forget.

Chris, Shirley, marlon & of course their team ,we wish them the very best.

Lalilth & Ayanthi Seneviratne, Bhati &Maya Karunaratne, Amitha & Ravi Dias, Sachintha & Rashmi.


Stefan, Sherome, Nadisha, Caryll & Mala - Sri Lanka


Dear Chris and the Amazing team,

Our Group truly enjoyed the awesome experience and loved every moment of it. From the Jungle stories of Shirley to the intermittent showers that the god provided.This for sure I can say will not be my last time. I bet I can probably say same for the group.

Thank you for the amazing time once again.

Stefan, Sherome, Nadisha, Caryll & Mala

Clare & Alex - Australia


To Chris and the Amazing Team,

Thank you for the most incredible & unique Srilankan Experience. We were overwhelmed by the diversity of wildlife we had the chance to encounter. We appreciated and felt privileged to hear about your own and your father's lifetime of intricate knowledge with the park. Can't wait to return-  we still have more leopards to spy!! Thank You!!

Marion Bird - United Kingdom


...And  'Yes' we are back. and not at all disappointed. Thank you, so much Chris & team for the best of Sri Lanka's Experiences. This time camping by the beach and enjoying the sound of the sea, Albeit slightly wary of the salt water crocs up in the Lagoon!! It meant we were able to enjoy a roaring campfire on the beach as we sipped our new year's eve bubbly- a Magical start to the new year.Thank you guys!!!

Sightings have been prolific as before. Perhaps even more so, I have lost count of the number of leopards we tracked down, each and everyone with a full stomach, food seems to be plentiful as the leopards are in great condition. We saw lots of Elephants seemingly they have been attracted over from Yala where there is less water. Oh yes and last evening we were treated to a rare jungle cat, beautiful and lithe, as he retreated back from the lake to the Jungle. My husband Jeremy enjoyed capturing shots of every native bird from srilanka- they were prolific actually . actually I tell a lie, we missed the grey headed fish eagle- shucks, we'll just have to come back again!! 

Thanks again for the Camp, The game drives and the company.

                                       Marion, Jeremy, Kristian & Frances Bird.

The Hoffman Family - Switzerland


The Kumbukkan oya Estuary campsite has been a privilege and revelation thanks to Chris Shirley and your extraordinary good organization, Knowledge and Dedication in sharing it with us. Thanks for your part in Saving Kumana and sharing us it's incredible nature.The camp by the lagoon within the sound of crashing waves and with our lone Elephant visitor has been very comfortable, And the pile of books to browse much appreciated. The meals were delicious, The drive were adventurous and the climb up to rock of the temple of doom, quite Unforgettable. Thank you from all us.

Aindri - Sri Lanka


Chris, Shirley and all,

Thank you so much for a fantastic stay with you out here in Kumana, You opened out our senses with your knowledge of wildlife, the hospitality was great and we enjoyed every minute!! Such an incredible experience, We don't want to Leave, All the Best!!

Disna & Arith - Sri Lanka


Dear Chris, Shirley and Team,

One of the best Jungle experiences we ever had to enjoy the best beauty of the wild. Best regards,

Shamindra - Sri Lanka


Dear Chris, Uncle Shirley and the team. Especially Dharme the Fab Cook!!!

Thanks for a super experience, we are thrilled to have seen a bear and a leopard.

Your Passion and knowledge is incredible, All the best

Sandra - Netherlands


Dear Chris, Shirley & Team,

Our stay in the Kumana jungle has without a doubt been the highlight of our holiday in Sri lanka. The atmosphere, the Animals and your team has done the utmost to make our stay unforgettable. thank you for that!!! 

          Love Sandra, Eric, Armich, Carolyn, and Rachel 

Toby - United Kingdom


Dear Chris, Uncle Shirley and team,

I am so glad we managed to make this happen after all the uncertainty I never  dreamed my first trip back to SL that I would be lounging in the the river in Kumana looking at the million stars. what a marvelous experience and how well you looked after us, No detail forgotten and food to die for. Our encounter with the elephants this morning will stay in the mind for a long time. Best wishes and good luck in all your efforts to keep Kumana so Special.  

James - United Kingdom


Dear Chris, Uncle Shirley and the wonderful team,

If I'd been told at any point that I would be camping in the jungle by the river, I never would have believed it!! It has been an unforgettable experience and that will stay with me for ever.Thank you so much for the driving,the endless knowledge and wisdom, and truly exceptional food. I wish you All the Best and hope we can return before too long.

Anura, Rishi, Shanu, Ramani & Devika - Sri Lanka


Thank you, Chris , Uncle Shirley, Jehan and staff for another wonderful stay. Enjoyed all the rides, Uncles's exciting stories, The great hospitality, Beautiful Location, and good food and the care of your staff. you've made Kumana feel like home and we can't wait to be here again. Take care & God bless you all.

Neil & Mihiri - United Kingdom


Thank you for sharing this wonderful spot with us, Shirley, Chris and all the staff. It was a privilege to be here. Thank you for all the experiences, Stories , Questions and Answers & the patience with us. We hope to be Back, Good luck & hope all your en devours go from strength to strength !!

                                                                                                   Neil & Mihiri (U.K) 

Tina &Harshini - Sri Lanka


This was exactly the experience I had hoped for. Besides the Bears, Leopards, Elephants and birds that we encountered, we had so many adventures that added to the experience. Chris is most probably one of the best Operators/Guides I have seen. Driving around the park with him was an absolute pleasure. His exclusive knowledge, amazingly skillful driving and explanations were valuable learning lessons.

Raja, Dharme and Nimal were wonderful helpers with their cooking, etc...

Finally Uncle Shirley , the icing on the cake, I will leave you to experience.....

Loved our time at Kumana, and would do it again in a heartbeat....

Tina & Harshini.

Lucy Wraith & Minty - United Kingdom


Thank you so much for making my last few days here and Minty's first few days here so incredible. We had so much fun and saw some truly beautiful and amazing things in the most stunning locations. The campsite was perfect and the food was out of this world good. We are so grateful for hearing  all of  your fantastic stories and making us feel like rest of the family. we will be Back!!!.....Lucy Wraith.

What a wonderful and magical place this is!! 5 Stars is an understatement, This has been the most brilliant way to start my holiday. Everything Lucy said, we have had the best time so.. Thank You. Hope to see you soon for more great company, Stories, Food and animal friends.....Minty.

Denae Kobacker - United States


Dearest Chris, Shirley and Crew,

I write this overlooking the peaceful flowing river and listening to the joyous sound of birds and insects. It is our last morning in this intimate camp. Thank you for providing us with a unique unforgettable experience for us. The food was spectacular and the game drives always presented more to learn about and love.

Best wishes and thanks again,


Denae and James Kobacker.  USA  

Nayantara Fonseka (TARU) - Sri Lanka


Somewhere in early March I was informed that I had to come on some “Xtreme” adventure in a wild place called “Kumana”. I was horrified … at the thought of what is extreme?... No fans , no electricity, no private bathroom, no phones!!!! No luxuries what I look for in a holiday.

The days leading up to the beginning of this adventure friends who know me of think that they know me so well were calling me constantly and asking me if I knew what I was getting myself into and that I would hate it and that I should feign an illness of some sort to get out of this. Now I amjust waiting to get a signal on my phone to call them all to let them know what imbeciles they really are!!


I had the most relaxed holiday I had in such a long time. Rejuvenated  beyond any understanding to take on the world with a new “gusto” BEWARE!!!

All this mainly due to Chris, Indika, and Uncle Shirley ( for his infinite wisdom and memorable stories of the wild) for making this trip an unforgettable experience for me – A converted lover of wild and nature!! For Dharme and Raja for being so attentive to my needs!!

I wish for nothing but the best to the whole team and selfishly I may refrain from spreading the word around for in case Chris and team were to get crowded with bookings that I will not be able to get a toe in!!!

You are and fabulous team and an outfit. I give you 9 out of 10. The 1 short for NO mobile signals!!!

God bless you all and may  you simply grow in your strengths!!!

Nayantara Fonseka (TARU)