Kumana Campsite


Comfortable high-top vehicles take you into the realms of an ancient and protected land. Trek to 3000 year old caves whilst enjoying panoramic views of a high diversity of flora and fauna.

Come and be one with nature…

Xtreme Nature Tours is a team with vast experience of travelling through Sri Lanka’s abundant natural habitats. We invite you to journey with us through spectacular landscapes and discover the wealth of flora, fauna and intricate ecosystems that the island has to offer.

Nature in all its element has beauty that no one can explain, no photo can depict and feelings which cannot be understood without experiencing them firsthand. XNT have the ability to share this beauty with guests in the privacy of the sacred land we know so well.

XNT are nature enthusiasts who take guests and friends to experience the natural wonders of Sri Lanka. We are a Premium tour company and we are equipped to offer you an unrivalled level of comfort and safety on the trip of a lifetime. The camp incorporates the latest environmental standards to ensure we leave the areas we visit unaffected by our trip.

XNT aims to suit discerning guests and offers a bespoke service that ensures we bring you back safe with an unforgettable experience and a different outlook on life!!

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Guest Comments

  • Dear Chris and Uncle Shirley,

    When I am Struggling through the New York Winter and despondent due to the fact that the city pigeons rats are all the wildlife that I encounter on a daily basis, It is thoughts of this place that gets me through the day.

    Thank you for yet another amazing adventure. I will be counting down the days until I can return. I have always loved the jungle, But you and your team have found a way to make it even better than it was.

    See you soon my friends....

                              Adam, Dirk, Annie and Armand


    • Adam Flamer-Caldera
    • 2017-04-25